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Below are the issues and solutions that I will champion for Utahns and all Americans while serving in Washington

Healthcare: HIgh costs, poor outcomes

    According to the World Bank, America has the highest health expenditures per capita. Yet despite paying the most of any nation, we are only ranked 35th by the Global Health Index, which considers 169 countries. Many believe the solution is more spending, government-mandated health plans, and price-fixing.


    According to government estimates, millions of Americans travel to Mexico for cheaper prescription drugs and medical procedures each year. Why is it that American pharmacies and doctors cannot compete? Is it because of greedy companies? Is it because we do not have socialized medicine? The solution to high healthcare costs would be to remove the cause of high prices, not chase those high prices with more spending. Restoring a free market in the healthcare industry where doctors and hospitals compete for patients would solve our healthcare cost crisis.

  1. Remove regulations that suppress new drugs and procedures. Individuals have the right to try and pursue any treatment they wish, with or without the government's consent. 

  2. Give doctors the freedom to build and establish practices and facilities where needed and repeal the government's lengthy and expensive permitting process.

  3. Reform the tort system to protect doctors, hospitals, drug manufacturers, and medical device companies from frivolous lawsuits.

  4. Vote no for Medicare/Medicaid expansions and work with congressional colleagues to introduce/sponsor legislation to enact the three stated measures above. 

  5. I would support giving dollars spent on healthcare directly to Americans, allowing them to spend them on their healthcare, and supporting the systems that best help them reach their health needs. 

  6. I would also be interested in a single-payer model. Most studies show significant cost savings, particularly on drugs and administrative costs. My only constraint on this system would be that we do not spend more than we already do on Medicaid/Medicare. It must deliver on the cost-saving promise!

    Another ignored cause of poor American health and lower life expectancies is the typical American diet and the lack of movement in our daily lives. We could help our country return to healthier and simpler foods by making it easier for small farmers to sell their products directly to the people in their communities. Repealing USDA regulations that only allow large corporate farms to succeed would revitalize small family farms and help Americans return to a healthier diet.


    As for movement, we are Libertarians, and we won't force you to be more active. Only you have the power to choose healthier outcomes!

Healthcare Costs
Global Health Index
Medical Tourism
Single-Payer Cost Savings



Foreign policy: 
Achieving Peace through free trade and genuine friendship

In the 75+ years since WWII, there have been over 400,000 documented US war casualties, yet Congress has not officially declared war in that time. To what end were these American lives ended or seriously maimed?
Korea. Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan. Washington continually wastes American blood and wealth in conflicts that have nothing to do with our Nation's defense. How does jumping from one foreign conflict to the next, selling arms into active war zones, expanding military treaties in distant lands, and ultimately bankrupting America, make our country or the world safer?
We should seek a state of neutrality, open dialogue, and free trade to build friendship, economic prosperity, and peace throughout the land. 
The current crisis in Ukraine highlights the failures of American foreign policy. The fall of the Iron Curtain was a great moment for liberty. The USSR coffers were exhausted from failed central planning policies and the decade-long civil war in Afghanistan. The right of people to move freely between countries and dictate the course of their own lives was being realized. 
Instead of using this momentous occasion to develop friendship and economic prosperity with Russia and all of Eastern Europe, we expanded NATO eastward, placed weapons and nuclear arms into European countries, and dumped millions of dollars to influence Ukrainian and Georgian elections. America carried out the militarization of former Soviet states in the supposed name of peace and democracy. In actuality, it was the vain desire to build a political legacy and weaken Russia. Yet we now see that Ukrainians, not Washington politicians, are harvesting the bitter fruits. We must make peace with the world and stop the pattern of war profiteering and meddling in other countries' domestic politics. 

  1. I would vote no for any military action that does not directly tie to the defense of our Nation.

  2. I will vote no to arms deals to countries involved in active conflicts, such as the billions of dollars of weapons we sell to the Saudi government, which in turn are being used against Yemen, giving rise to one of the worst humanitarian crises of our day.

  3. I will work to normalize trade and walk back sanctions with our "enemies" and instead seek to establish free trade and diplomacy to achieve peace on the world stage. 

  4. I would also seek unilateral denuclearization with the other nuclear powers to walk the world back from the nuclear precipice. 

Right to Self Defense
Self-defense is a right as old as humans. Seeing the disaster unfold at Uvalde, I could not advocate for policies that would force individuals to rely on the state for their protection.
As for addressing school shootings: these have essentially been profiled as public suicides. Increasing resources for school counselors in each building, removing economic hardships that lend to the unhappiness we see from shooters' personal lives, and less incarceration, which means more moms/dads at home with their kids in their communities. Let's make our government/policing less violent and less focused on helping the wealthy and instead empower individuals, families, and communities. I believe we will see a positive change in private and public suicide rates.



Tribal Sovereignty and Bears Ears Nat. Monument 

I support Bears Ears National Monument and the Inter-Tribal Coalition that is taking an active role in the monument's management. Libertarians believe in equality before the Law. The US government repeatedly promised lands to Indigenous Peoples, only to steal them later. Even after we ended the state of open warfare against Indigenous Peoples, we continued to discriminate against them in denial of equal rights, eugenics programs, herd reductions, and boarding school programs. We made promises, and we repeatedly broke them.

The Tribal Coalition plays an active role in the management of these lands, with the stated goal that they will assume full leadership. Turning Federal lands back to Tribal ownership is a fulfillment of US Treaties and an act of restorative justice.

I hope the Bears Ears model of Tribal management can expand to all our federal lands and parks.

Government for the people
Not corporations and special interests

    A free market is one where individuals control the means of production. Individuals are free to assume risk as they undertake business ventures. That risk is a natural check to speculative enterprises and deals. We no longer have a free market when the government subsidizes industries, limits choice, and passes trillion-dollar bailout packages. It is called crony capitalism, and it benefits a few at the expense of the general population. 

    We are currently in a period of record inflation and shortages. According to a recent report by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, the average cost of recent inflation per household in the Mountain West region exceeds $500 per month. For families living on a fixed income, that increase is devastating. You quickly realize the empty promise of government stimulus when it evaporates after a few months of inflation costs. Inflation erases the value of savings and is particularly devastating to our senior citizens. 

  1. I would vote no to bailout packages for industries. Let the free market pick winners and losers, not the government.

  2. I would support the repeal of stifling regulatory laws that make it nearly impossible for small businesses to compete with much larger and richer corporations.

  3. I would also work with congressional colleagues to introduce legislation that would repeal tax dollars subsidizing any industry sector such as manufacturing, energy production, and agriculture. Government subsidies of industries are antithetical to a free market and destroy the natural competition that keeps prices low. A quick google search pulls up many examples of politicians profiting from these very subsidies. For example, VP Al Gore and the company Silver Springs Network in which he heavily invested received federal subsidies of $560m. Mr. Gore claims that every penny he made off of these investments went back into his non-profit, but no politician or industry should profit off the backs of the populace. 

  4. I would also support legislation forbidding members of congress from trading stocks. Public servants are elected to serve, not enrich their portfolios.


US Congress JEC

Al Gore Subsidy


A critical Investment

    Education is a critical investment for our communities. Public funding of education is, in my mind, one of the best things our Nation has done to support widespread literacy, numeracy, and the opportunity to explore new ideas. I realize this is not an orthodox, libertarian view. However, before discussing defunding schools, we should focus on the tax dollars spent on bailouts, subsidies, and weapons proliferation in much larger quantities than those spent on education. 
    In Washington, I would support legislation that returns education decisions to states and a voucher system where federal dollars follow the students. A voucher system would allow institutions to compete for those students, leading to better outcomes in the public and private sectors. 

A Women's Right To Choose

    I fully support the individual’s right to autonomy over their body. The government, at no level, should ever dictate an individual's healthcare choices. That is between the individual and their care provider. Studies have shown that abortion bans do not reduce abortion rates; they only make abortion riskier. Those with means travel to states where the practice is legal, and those without means resort to more desperate actions. If you want to reduce abortion rates, increase access to family planning services through doctors, midwives, and nurses, and increase education about and access to effective contraceptives.

    I will fully support legislation that:

  1. Removes undue burdens to professionals seeking to establish quality care for women and eliminates barriers between women and doctors, midwives, nurses, and doulas.

  2. Expands a women’s access to contraceptives without the need for a prescription.

    I will support Supreme Court nominees that protect the right of the individual to make these decisions for themselves. I support any individual's right to peacefully and tastefully engage with and advocate for choices beyond abortion, such as adoption for profit. When we empower women to make the best decisions for their health, there will be far fewer abortions.


Dangers of abortion bans:

Factors contributing to declining abortion rates:

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