My Letter to All Utahns

Fellow Utahns,

    I am seeking the Libertarian Party nomination and your vote for the US Senate seat this Fall. I felt the best way to share my views was a series of short paragraphs on some topics I care deeply about. But first, let me introduce myself and why I am running for US Senate.


    I was born and raised in Southwest Missouri on a small dairy farm. My parents had moved from Orem, Utah, to purchase cheaper, more productive farmland. Ultimately, costly regulation made it financially impossible for my family to continue producing milk for the market, and our farm transitioned to producing for ourselves and a few friends. My parents were stoically independent, refusing government welfare, despite the ease that it would have provided. I was raised with the mindset that hard work, thrift, education, and scrappy innovation can get you through most problems. In the eyes of the federal government and maybe some of our peers, we were poor. However, besides wishing that my shoes and clothes were more trendy and a larger stockpile of ice cream was available in the freezer, I enjoyed the benefit of healthy food, good education, and a stable home in which I could thrive.

    My education brought me to Utah, and I have remained in the state working as a high school science teacher and coach. I care deeply about Utah’s young people. They are the rising generation, and I believe we need to change the course and scope of our federal government to allow them to succeed.  


    The government’s ballooning debt and growth in its assumption of duties threaten the individuals’ right to a prosperous and free life. While I am not opposed to all types of government programs or exercises of power, I think we need to designate carefully what duties and powers we are willing to cede to the federal government. I oppose the idea that a small group of people can better plan and manage the economy and social structure than the free market.
    Growing up, I have watched the debt grow, presidents sending troops and weapons into other countries in the name of “democracy” and “stability” only to see these regions be devastated and war-torn, with record numbers of refugees fleeing than ever before. I have become convinced that the true path to peace and prosperity is to choose peace rather than armed conflict. During my youth, the wars and conflicts waged by our government were fronts for expanding US geopolitical power. They have destabilized the globe, centralized power in the hand of a few government leaders and agencies, and made the American people poorer.

    The expanded regulation of the financial market and economy has not led to more opportunity but hedged up the power and control of larger companies and farms, reducing the competitiveness of smaller banks and farms that serve their local communities. I have witnessed the shutter of local banks and farms in my own life.

    I want to seek a freer America, where the individual has more power to designate the course of their future, not the government. That is why I am seeking the Libertarian nomination for the US Senate to run against the other candidates on the ballot this Fall. We may see a split of party voters between the primary winners of each party, independent candidates, and those who qualified via the signature-gathering route. If there was ever a moment for a third-party candidate to run successfully in Utah, I believe it is now. I respectfully ask for your vote of confidence to be that candidate. 



Jimmy Hansen

My Takes On Important Issues

Social Issues - Why are we asking the government to define marriage, gender, etc. The growing strife we see in America is due to each political party contending for the reigns of government to force society to conform to their idealogy. We see gross attacks on individual liberty each day, both in red and blue states. Let the individual exercise their liberty, so long as they do not cause harm to others. We can coexist and thrive with those different from us when we respect the individual's rights. 


Tax Reform: The IRS reports massive backlogs and is currently undergoing a massive hiring campaign to complete its work. Rather than increase the number of federal workers, why not reduce the workload? I would seek to pass legislation that removes income tax and filing requirements for individuals making less than $200k and married-filing-jointly making less than $400k. People will spend their own money supporting local economies and communities more effectively, and it would reduce the IRS backlog.
I would also seek a federal ban on fresh fruits/produce taxes. These should be available tax-free for all people.
I would also support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. Once we have our spending under control, we can then seek to further reduce the tax burden to the individual, but first, we need to fix the bloated monster that is our federal budget.


Peace Around the Globe: End military policing activities and remove ourselves from military pacts and treaties. We should seek a state of neutrality and free trade with the world as the best way to pursue peace and stability.
Any military conflict must be authorized by Congress and should focus on the immediate defense of our Nation, not “spreading democracy,” which is code for bulldozing political enemies of the state and imposing American policies and American-backed leaders on sovereign nations. 


Establish A Free Market: The government should not manipulate the market. It should only enforce laws that protect the individual's life, liberty, and property. Bailouts and subsidies are nothing more than welfare for the rich. Tariffs and excise taxes make goods artificially expensive. In many cases, a regulation passed under the guise of protecting the consumer only removes competition and solidifies market monopolies for large corporations. I would oppose any federal money to any industry and seek to build support and consensus for bills that would move America towards a more free market.

Healthcare: When I took my first teaching job, I spent nearly $1000 per month on my family's healthcare and savings plan. While the savings side was nice, the $450 I paid for the insurance plan was not. I had minimal access to a doctor. The hospital billed me if I took my children in or called for anything other than a wellness check. There is a growing rise of free-market healthcare clinics around America. These practices charge a much lower monthly fee and give their patients 24/7 access to a clinic doctor. No insurance. No paperwork. Just more time and connection between a doctor and their patient. A doctor is a health mentor, and eliminating the healthcare bureaucracy built up over the years will increase access to primary care and improve health outcomes.  

Criminal Justice Reform:  The “Land of the Free” should not have the world's largest population of incarcerated individuals. Victimless crimes are not crimes. Solicitation, gambling, recreational drug use, end-of-life care decisions, and homelessness are illegal activities in America, even though they are entered into by and only involve the individual. I would support federal legislation to remove victimless crime laws, end minimum mandatory sentencing, legalize drugs and seek to reduce American incarceration rates.


Environment: Clean air, water, and soil are human rights. Prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law, review chemical use in the US and ban chemicals that are known to be harmful. With nearly 8 billion humans and counting, we must address the effect of our species on the planet and the rising extinction rates of plants and animals. We must seek a less wasteful and more natural lifestyle. To make recycling a competitive option, I would support taxes on virgin materials such as plastics and metals. I would justify this use of government power to protect individuals' right to clean air, water, and soil. I also support removing all federal subsidies for all energy industries. Let the free market decide where the individual obtains their energy.

Immigration: It should be a human right to move freely around the globe. Immigration is a boon to the free market economy. It creates competition, reduces labor shortages, and sparks innovation and change. I would support and seek to build consensus for legislation that simplifies and allows more immigration.

End Foreign Aid: Foreign aid has been used to push political agendas and bully other governments into conforming to the political agenda of the Executive branch. Instead, let the individual support charities to foreign nations as they see fit.