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Jimmy's Background

Jimmy has loved teaching and coaching at Utah's public schools these past seven years. Working with young Utahns has inspired him to run for office to create a better future for our youth.

The current political state is one in which two parties each contend for the power to impose their agenda on America. This broken system has caused violence, unrest, and hate to grow and fester within our communities and families. Jimmy believes that a government that uses limited power to enforce only those laws that protect the individual's life, liberty, and property will be a more peaceful and happy society. Please see the topics under the Issues & Solutions page to read about the focus Jimmy wants to bring to Washington. 



Honors & Awards

  • M.S. In Progress, Earth Science, University of Utah

  • B.S. 2013 Physics, Magna cum Laude Missouri State University

  • A.A. 2011 Physics, Magna cum Laude Crowder College

  • A.S. 2011 Alternative Energy, Magna cum Laude Crowder College

  • Wasatch Parent Network Teacher of the Month

  • Outstanding Physics Graduate, Missouri State University

  • Multicultural Leadership Scholarship, Missouri State University 

  • College of Science Scholarship, Missouri State University 

  • Outstanding Graduate: Math and Science, Crowder College

  • Superintendent’s Scholarship, Crowder College  

  • Hunt and Collie Science Scholarship, Crowder College

  • Missouri Bright Flight Scholarship 

  • Eagle Scout

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