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Clean Water and Gardening

Plant a garden, folks, and support cleaner water. Last year this bed produced a daily bowl of salad greens for our family. It’s good to be in tune with the soil and living things around your home. Our society turns to chemicals and large-scale agriculture too quickly, and it’s reflected in the waning nutrition of our diets and the fact that 50% of US bodies of water are deemed too polluted to drink from or swim in.

This article from High Country News shares details from a recent report by the Environmental Integrity Project. The findings are alarming. Headlines of boil orders and toxic algal blooms are becoming all too frequent. One of my main focuses in DC would be to review and ban dangerous chemicals and strengthen protections for our waterways. Libertarians believe in not harming others, and harming the environment constitutes an attack on nature and other humans in my book. We need to become a cleaner society and recognize our outsized impact on the environment.

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