Key Issues For My Campaign

I answered some email questions this evening. Here they are:

1) Why do you think you’re the right candidate for the job and what issues are most pressing to you?

As a public school teacher, I am very familiar with the needs of Utah's families and communities. I'm prepared to go to Washington and focus on legislation that will bring more accountability to how we police, end the racist and community-destroying war on drugs, solve the water crisis in the West, and end inflation-driving corporate handouts to the wealthy.

2) With people struggling financially as a result of inflation, what do you think about federal aid packages and how effective have recent packages been in addressing it?

Over the past few years, Federal spending bills have overwhelmingly gone to large corporations, states, and cities. Not Individuals. These trillions of dollars have exacerbated inflation due to an already backlogged supply chain. Households in Utah are paying nearly $1000 per month in increased costs due to that inflation. We should not give public subsidies to businesses and industries at taxpayers' expense.

3) With water shortages and drought becoming a major concern in Utah, especially in the more arid southern regions, what is the federal government’s role in doing to secure water rights for the state?

The federal gov’t subsidizes water projects and upkeep with billions of dollars annually. This water is used at almost no cost by large corporate farms. End the federal water subsidy, and let Big Ag pay the market rate for water, and we will see natural cutbacks and conservation overnight. We cannot subsidize a few corporate farms at the expense of damaging fragile western estuaries.

4) Amid the many social issues being discussed in the country, such as gun legislation or gender identity, which do you think are most important to address for the everyday Utahn?

The most important social issues to address are criminal justice reform in policing and sentencing and protecting the rights of individuals, such as abortion and marriage equality.

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