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Stop Killing Civilians

We must change our foreign policy to seek peace, not conflict. America has historically been a very bad actor on the world stage. The following is by no means an exhaustive list: We invaded Iraq with false intel from the CIA. We ravaged Afghanistan with floods of weapons when the Soviets occupied it and then later invaded it ourselves with disastrous results. In the month following 9/11, we carpet-bombed Afghanistan. President Bush stated, "If you cough him up and his people today, then we'll reconsider what we are doing to your country," effectively punishing and killing civilians for the actions of extremists. We pushed for the NATO-led invasion of Libya, Operation Unified Protector, which led to a humanitarian crisis and the rise of ISIS. The failed CIA-led Operation Timber Sycamore funneled hundreds of millions of dollars of weaponry into Syrian rebels' hands, fueling one of the bloodiest civil wars and creating over 10 million refugees. In 1950 we dropped more bombs on North Korea than on the entire Pacific Theater during WW2, resulting in an estimated 1.2 million civilian deaths. US Economic sanctions have also fueled humanitarian crises and the direct death of millions of civilians through food and medicine shortages. Afghanistan faces waves of malnutrition deaths as 23 million of its civilians face critical food shortages from Biden administration sanctions on their economy. We must pursue policies that do not disrupt foreign states and create humanitarian crises through warfare.

UNICEF/Hasinullah Qayoumi

An 18-month-old in Afghanistan suffers from severe acute malnutrition with medical complications.





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