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The Right to Choose

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

A woman's right to bodily autonomy is under attack. Why should it be protected? Speaking on the 14th amendment; by forcing a mother to carry a pregnancy to term you may very well deprive her of her life (health) her happiness (future opportunities, stigma of teen pregnancy, mental health), and definitely her liberty. Giving the fetus rights over the mother is dystopian and akin to biological servitude or prison.

If the driving motivation here is saving children, then there are a lot of policies we could fix/end to protect children around the globe. US sanctions on other countries are known to kill 1000s of children each year due to sanction-induced food and medicine shortages. North Korea. Iraq. Iran. Syria. Yemen. Afghanistan. Russia. The list goes on and on. Yet every year, we continue to support politicians who approve these sanctions.

US-backed arms deals send bombs and rifles into conflict zones where 1000s of children are killed each year? Yet Every year, we continue to support politicians who approve these deals. Unicef estimates that 3.1 million children die each year from malnutrition, yet we continue to drive an economic model that puts corporate profits before sustainability and the health of our planet and people. We continue to fan the flames of war to advance geopolitical goals rather than seeking peace and stability.

But onto the topic of abortion: First, the state should never infringe on an individual choice, and I believe the choice to carry a pregnancy to term belongs to the individual. It is a very personal decision and not without grief that many women approach an abortion or choose to carry a pregnancy to term. Why would you ever want the government to be involved in that decision?

Second, proven methods to reduce abortion rates are increased access to contraceptives, family planning, and women's healthcare. Many GOP state legislatures are not only seeking to ban/restrict abortions but also banning and restricting many common contraceptives such as IUDs.

Third, 90% of abortions are before 13 weeks of gestation, when the fetus weighs less than an ounce. Most pregnancies terminated after this point is due to inexperienced/uneducated teens who did not realize they were pregnant, health risks/complications arising to the mother, or fetuses that are not viable outside of the womb. I think you would be hard-pressed to find even a few anecdotal examples of women carrying out a late-term abortion just for its "convenience."

Abortion bans have been shown not to reduce abortion rates but rather increase health risks and hospitalization of women who have botched a self-managed abortion. So the question is, are you reducing abortions and saving children or creating unsafe conditions for women and taking away their right to choose when and if to have a child?

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