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Utah GOP wants to abolish Individual Rights

It's the year 2022. You would hope that the state legislature was focused on the critical issues of water conservation and clean air, school choice, and restoring the rights of individuals to grow their own medical marijuana as previously passed by Utahns. Instead, Utah Senate President Stuart Adams has championed the passage of Utah's own abortion ban and voiced strong support of rolling back gay marriage rights.

As reported this week by the Salt Lake Tribune, Adams said:

"I believe strongly that states ought to have the right to pass legislation and that the states ought to be where these issues are determined,"

When asked if he would support Utah joining with other states in hopes that the court would take another look at same-sex marriage?

"Yes," Adams said without hesitation. In the past, the Supreme Court has been a bastion for individual liberty, with key rulings that protected the individual from state tyranny. The recent majority opinion sets a dangerous precedent where states are being granted the power to once again infringe on the individual. The fundamental purpose of the court, protecting individual rights, has failed. Help me lead the charge to Washington DC and protect the individual from state and federal government abuse!

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